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Hayley's complaint against Thames Water

Hayley Cloud


Thames water leak causing accident

Complaint against Thames Water

Thames water have ignored a leak on a pavement for a considerable time according to residents, the leak had soaked the road which had iced over and caused black ice, which span my car and finally into a parked van, while I had a 1 year old in the car. £3500 worth of damage to my car, 2 brand new car seats required and I had to pay £250 excess to get my car back. Photos of the leak and road have all been obtained and 2 other people also had an accident there 1 hour prior to me and we still by the roadside. Thames water claim it's from a private residence and they aren't liable, although they are now "assisting" them with the repairs as it has gone on for so long. Therefore they won't pay for the damages and loss to me, although they will give me £50 as it had gone onto the road. This is not acceptable and I will pursue this claim

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