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C.'s complaint against ASDA

C. Cross


Coeliac Disease!!

Complaint against ASDA

Not really a complaint. As a coeliac I need to buy only gluten free products, of which Asda have a super range. BUT when I last visited Asda Golborne I went to the refridgeration section as usual which had a large ' Gluten free' banner. Luckily I checked the products under that and discovered they were not gluten free. Not a single one! I asked for advice as to where the products had moved and was told they had 'probably been withdrawn by Head Office' but had my attention drawn to the dry goods gluten free section, which I already use. Then the person I had spoken to explained that a lot of advantages were in the section as they were vegetarian and vegan frozen goods. That completely missed the point of the 'Gluten free' banner! However we went to the other end of the fridges and found some gluten free frozen meals. I suspect the staff may need to be reminded that with allergies it is VITAL that the products are racked up in the correct places. I could easily have bought something and eaten it without checking and been really ill. Then I noticed gluten free cereal mixed in with Kellogs regular cornflakes....................Maybe a word in the right ear would resolve this? Many thanks, Chris

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