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Mrs Fiona's complaint against ASDA

Mrs Fiona Rushworth


With reference to the 5 Star Rewards card,Spend £20 per week for 5 weeks

Complaint against ASDA

I will be honest I shop between yourselves and Morrison's because I live in between them both, My self and my friend went into Mount Pleasant HULL store on Saturday, a member of staff gave us a green 5 star card and said this is for 5 weeks if you shop in Asda each week and spend over £20 you can get £20 off your 6th shop. We did a shop and spent over £20 and got our card stamped. On a Friday we take our boys to rugby training, we said while they were training we would go into Asda and do shop and get our card stamped, we were right next to Bilton Asda so went there, did our shopping and then paid for items and said can you stamp our cards, which they said sorry that's nothing to do with us its only at mount pleasant, which when we got our card the member of staff never mentioned that at all. We then drove up to Mount pleasant to explain the customer service what has happen she said no we cannot stamp it, because you never shopped in this store tonight, we asked to speak to a manager, when she came to us she looked at the customer service and they both raised there eyebrows and smiled. when we explained to the manager she said no again, when we said we have lost out on a stamp she said why don't you go and spend another £20 then you will get one, I said im sorry I carnt I've already spent £30.00 in the Bilton shop and cannot afford another £20, she just said well I can not give you a stamp. I am sure she could of done, after all its only a small green stamp that will say Asda week 2, and I had already spend £30 in a Asda store but never got told it was for Mount pleasant, If we had of been informed we would of done our shop only at the Mount pleasant Store, but choose bilton because my son was at rugby training, because the local suited. I thought all Asda stores money went together, I have dealt with numerous Asda and Wal-mart stores successfully over the years and I feel very let down and disappointed by how rudely we were dealt with tonight by your staff.

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