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Philippa's complaint against Commuter Club

Philippa Stadhart


[LAPSED] Not disconnecting my account when requested not to auto renew

Complaint against Commuter Club

I have had on-going problems with Commuter Club since I joined with them January 2016 the first instant being that they send me the wrong ticket for me to travel. They changed the ticket (which involves sending it back recorded delivery and buying alternative tickets to travel while waiting for the replacement) , they then cancelled the 1st credit agreement did another credit check and opened a new credit agreement with Ratesetter (all due to their error) I was advised that they my account automatically renews annually unless I cancel which I did in December. I then received 2 text messages on Wednesday saying that my old ticket expires tomorrow. We have sent you a new one, so don't forget to change things around. You can check your details. I then contacted them again on Wednesday via phone after speaking to 2 people I was passed to another agent where I said I wanted to complain as I have already cancelled my account but have now received these messages and am now being passed around with no one helping with my account. He put be on hold and said he would speak to his manager and said the ONLY way I can cancel the account is by listening to the recorded message(which I did the first time) again and I would receive an email. I advised I had previously done this and had not received an email. The same thing happened on Wednesday, I have received no confirmation of the cancellation and the address they have sent the new ticket to is no longer my residence. I am now concerned that they are going to take out another credit arrangement which I have clearly stated I do not want. I have written an email complaint but received an automated response to say that this may take 5 days to respond to my email.

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Lapsed. Philippa has not responded in 90 days

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Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

We are very sorry to hear you experienced issues with cancelling your account. We are deeply disappointed that you did not have a great outcome and we strive to ensure such instances are the absolute exception.

Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

With your case, I understand that the application for your ticket was created on our website and a changeover was required due to the wrong zones being on the ticket. Following National Rail Condtions of Carriage, a changeover was then processed which does include sending the original ticket back.

Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

While we operate within the infrastructure limitations of the transport industry, we strive to deliver a good customer experience and are actively working with our rail partners to strengthen our processes.

Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

Each loan application corresponds to four soft searches on your credit file covering different facets of your profile - credit, ID, etc. Many credit agencies will rightly collate this into the same search.

Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

Unfortunately, we're unable to change loan amounts mid-term and so our policy is to discontinue the original loan and then re-apply for a new one for the new amount (taking into account all repayments to date).

Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

These soft searches would have no impact on your ability to obtain credit in future, as they are only visible to the individual and the credit agency providing the reference. A search visible to other lenders will only appear at the point a loan is committed i.e.when credit is taken out. As your account was cancelled, a loan was not committed and therefore, will not appear on your credit file.

Petko Plachkov | | VERIFIED

As a growing business we aim to take on board all feedback, so we'd like you to thank you for providing us with an opportunity to address your points.
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