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Martyn's complaint against 88 Films

Martyn Licchelli


[RESOLVED] - Never received my items, they ignored all contact

Complaint against 88 Films

I signed up for a crowd funding project by 88films. I paid over £240 for this privilege. During the wait, I emailed them to confirm they got my name right... which if their website is to be believed, they still listed wrong despite promising me otherwise After the success of the campaign, I was owed 4 new blu rays in lovely slip cases, and a special shirt. These were ship in Early January, with the promise they'd not be on general release for 3 months. I never received my items, and they will have the items on sale on Amazon next week, and are already on sale on their site. So they broke a promise in their campaign there. I have emailed, phoned, tweeted and pm'd everyday for 2 weeks. Not one single response as to where my items are. Absolutely terrible service. Beyond awful. Their blu rays are great, but everything else about them is awful. I highly recommend any future schemes are avoided, and id love for them to reply and explain just what the heck happened to my items, and how come they can post pictures in mcdonalds of their new orders ready to ship, but can't answer a simple question

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88 Films resolved this complaint

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Items sent, eventually
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