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Lauren's complaint against Hyde and Sleep

Lauren Bevan


For a mattress to cost so much and not be fit for purpose within a few months is not acceptable.

Complaint against Hyde and Sleep

I placed my order for a memory foam mattress following a car accident. I loved the mattress but have found it has lost its puffiness? Is there a word to describe it? Where I am on my laptop in the night I tend to sit on the left side, almost hanging off with my chihuahuas on the middle taking up most of my bed. I sleep on the left side and one night not wanting to have the dogs get all excited after finally getting them to calm down I went on the right side and it was a bit of a shock to find the bed was rather hard. So after trying in the middle, I found the mattress felt like it had an angle where the mattress is perfect on one side, the right side, then the left side is saggy. I have also found one of the pillows which came with the bed, the zip has broken and the two pillows inside it are lose. I wanted to return it, it hasn’t been here long enough to feel like my old mattress. I know there was a 100 day test, send back if not happy, it just took a little longer for me to feel this issue. I have been in contact with the company and have taken all the photos they requested even though there was not a see able issue, you need to sit on the bed. Having to wait until my daughter could help me to strip the bedding and take photos then she would help me to make the bed again. Then being asked to use a spirit level and to send them photos of the spirit level on the bed. I had spoken and informed the person that you have to sit on the bed to feel it. This is a very expensive mattress to only last a few months before it is feeling like an old mattress. It feels like they are going through the motions, following protocols so they can say we did this, followed the rules. I have all the communication from our emails, if anything is required. Kind regards Lauren

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