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On arrival mopping up water with my own clothes...

Complaint against David Urquhart Travel

On arrival hotel I was mopping up water with my own clothes; ever since David Urquhart dont want to know. I got soaked fully clothed on arrival in my room from a faulty Jacuzzi without one room towel? Along with eight people waiting Victoria coach station hours all naturally expecting their David Urquhart coach to ‘arrive’. NO noticeboard info whatsoever from this company! WHY NOT? They had not contacted anyone waiting. All extremely disappointed, annoyed we had expected coach to be waiting for us! I got two to phone them to see if tour had been cancelled? Victoria coach station 7am Coach first pickup 8am. Coach turned up 9.23am. I’d waited two and half hours not in the best or most welcome of locations. Talking to driver seemed more like he’d just got the job, or not been booked early enough. David Urquhart attitude expects people to put up with it Without Any information? Metropole Hotel: Door didn’t open three floors up with me climbing down stairs again (I’m in my seventies) all lifts full with arrivals. I queued for second time reception (one person) who gave me another room ‘with Jacuzzi’. But, turned out this had some repair but (obviously) had not been checked. I still hadn’t unpacked with twice going up and down three flights of stairs and needing a bath after early start and journey I pressed button Jacuzzi to get pressure. The water jetted straight up to ceiling hitting down on me, down the walls and kept coming which I'd never experienced before what with travelling the whole world. Not just once but twice, Jacuzzi button hadn’t worked to stop flow. No telephone in the room to also finding out NOT one towel had been left. I was drowned standing in my clothes! I envisaged the ceiling below coming down; pulling out clothes from my case and having to use my own clothes to mop up the abundant water from the soaking floor. Without any towel with me or having any (at all) left in the bathroom… Entailing ‘me’ in mopping up the place; I take exception to this. I was left with the mess to clear up plus I had injured and experienced the sheer shock of it. For the third time I had to go up and down three floors along with queuing at reception (again) this time with soaked clothes and hair which wasn’t much fun for me. David Urquhart only reply refers to ‘not knowing how to use a Jacuzzi’ Excuse me, but I have used too many ‘Jacuzzi’s’ including hotels; swimming pools. Etc. To turn on - ‘Press down the one button’. To turn off, ‘Press down the one button’. With NEVER any one ‘incident’ in my whole life. This Britannia Grand Metropole Hotel Jacuzzi I was told was and had been “faulty”. Of cause I had spoken to the Manager. He’d confirmed that the Jacuzzi “had been repaired but needed checking”. My time spent trying to get recompense for incident. This occurrence has entailed me wasting far too much time in writing to David Urquhart of my shock, stress, duress occurring (twice) and that only then my quick actions stopped further flooding while the jetted downpour kept coming. But they never want to know? I’m heartedly tired of them. Their two replies are insulting to ones intellect. Full facts of any situation are necessary and all should be taken into consideration. David Urquhart standards are seriously damaged as not fit for purpose least of all for its customers. Arrival Metropole hotel Blackpool first room key card had not been set; second room again three floors up and down and then up and down for the third time. Lifts full and queueing up three times... To experience using my own clothes to clean and clear up! Towels should have been left in room, I alone was left to injure and take the sheer shock of it. I’m since utterly ignored by them? David Urquhart don’t have representative on sight and why any hotel manager answers sorting out customers problems to do with their Hotel being there at the time. This occurrence has entailed me in further time wasted and in my stress and duress in pursuing David Urquhart travel. If companies don’t settle Complaints honestly and swiftly their own image is and seen to be damaged

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