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Giles's review of Golden Virginia

Giles Cuckow


Please smoke with caution.

Review of Golden Virginia

I'm not preaching...It's not new information, tobacco is not good for your health. Please take these words into deep consideration as I don't wish anybody to suffer what I have. If you smoke too much of this product on a daily basis, you will start to get ... very... very ill. I've smoked this tobacco for 9-10 years now, 50g per week through my bong. If I smoke too much due to anxiety... I get hypothermic, muscle weakness, confusion, stomach cramps, poor blood flow, irregular heart beat / heart palpatations and I get so ill all I can do it lay in bed feeling like I am going to die. These are similar symptoms of someone with a very serious illness & I believe it to be caused by intoxification to Golden Virginia Original and the combination of chemicals they use on their product. Since switching to an organic tobacco with as little chemicals as possible, I have been much healthier as well as " less " dependant. If you are facing any similar health issues and you smoke a lot of Golden Virginia. PLEASE, consult your medical proffesional for support giving up.

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