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carla's complaint against Win Win Management

carla webb


Talkfair, Ice-comms & Win Win Management Scams

Complaint against Win Win Management

It all started with a company called Talkfair, I was approached by talkfair in November 2015, they cold called my company asking if we was happy with our mobile phone provider ( we were on Vodafone), my father wasn’t happy with the signal coverage. Talkfair put together a proposal that gave us new handsets with O2 (3 year contract), a buyout of the remaining year of our contract with Vodafone, a cashback incentive and even a free tablet, great we thought….. So the first problems was just the porting over of the numbers, one of the phone numbers didn’t work for two months (we still got billed), the new handsets for the drivers Xcover Samsung’s ( we suspect they were reconditioned) cut out on every conversation (we are not in the middle of nowhere, we are in the Heathrow area), the cutting out issue never actually got resolved, talkfair sent me a new sim to try on one of the phones but the same problem still ensued, it was suggested to me by talkfair that I should myself take the phones to a Samsung shop to see what the problem was. The next problem was the buy-out of the Vodafone contract, when talkfair first put the proposal to me they made it sound they would directly liaise with Vodafone to pay the buy-out, that is not the case, we had to foot the bill with Vodafone and wait patiently for talkfairs (T&Cs) 90 days after invoice payment, did they promptly pay after 90 days? Well by October 2016 it was paid off, so nearly a year after we first went with talkfair. In the period of time that I was chasing payment, Talkfair had changed its name to Ice-comms (I only knew this because of the automated message that played when I rang to complain about the phones not working and the unpaid buy-out bill). The next problem, the tablet that talkfair/ice-comms had promised in the proposal, I didn’t particularly want it but it had been promised, when I asked about the tablet I was told (on many occasions) that they didn’t have it in stock, when I spoke to lady called Vicky she told me she wished the salespeople would stop promising the tablets because they hadn’t had them in stock for months. I was already deeply unhappy with Talkfair/Ice-comms as you can imagine, so I pursued the tablet, I told them it was illegal to induce my sale with a product they didn’t have and low and behold in August 2016 a small very cheap tablet arrived, 9 months after the proposal. In regards to the cashback, I have never been offered or received cashback. So I wasn’t happy with Talkfair/Ice-comms, the phones were still cutting out and I had to fight for everything that had been promised, which leads me now to an even worse company, Win Win Management……… Win Win rang me around February 2017, they gave me the usual sales patter, I told them I wasn’t interested and that I was in a long contract with Talkfair/Ice-comms, this seemed like the magic words to win win, “oh we know all about Talkfair” they said, they explained to me that all of talkfairs/Ice-comms contracts are wrong and incorrectly done and due the name change Talkfair to Ice-comms it was a different company altogether and they couldn’t hold me into a contract, Linda (Win Win) went as far to say that she was setting up some sort of campaign against Talkfair/Ice-comms bad practises, and that she had got a lot of Talkfair/Ice-comm customers out of their contracts, she proved her point to me by looking at some paperwork I emailed to her and picking out some inaccuracies in the contract. I asked Linda what made win win different from Talkfair/Ice-comms in regards to them all being out for money, Linda then told me Win Win make their money by supplying excellent customer service, that at some point O2 will randomly text one of the numbers for a rating and if we gave win win 8 or more (out of 10) they would then get paid. It all sounded like music to my ears….. So with my Faith in Win Win and wanting to stick it to Talkfair/Ice-comms I signed up …. They put a proposal/contract together and it was agreed that we would pay around £160 a month (7 numbers with O2), we would get new handsets for the drivers (I will give it to Win Win these ones actually worked), they tried to get me to get new numbers for all of the phones, but I insisted on keeping two of our original phone numbers as these were on our website and various other places, they begrudging allowed this, but they had to port the numbers to pay-as-you-go mobiles and 24hrs later they can port them over to our new account (it took longer than 24hrs), but so far so good….. When the phone numbers ported over from the old O2 account to the new one it closed the old one leaving a balance of around £3500 on it. When I told win win this would be the balance left I was assured that they could get the old account null and void. So far I liked win win, they promptly replied to my emails, the handsets worked and when the O2 bills came in they were very small amounts £10 here, £5 there, when I asked win win why the bills were so low they responded with we had 6 months of free line rental (not mentioned when I first set the account up). I started emailing and ringing win win in regards to the old talkfair/Ice-comms O2 account and when was it going to be sorted, I was put onto Dave , he once again assured me he was personally dealing with it, he had done the same for other companies and had triumphed but it will take time, Dave was now my point of contact. Every now and then I would email or call to find out if it was going ok, occasionally he would respond. I then started getting debt letters from O2, I forwarded the letters onto Dave, he said that I shouldn’t receive anymore because he had put the account into query, he hadn’t, I received more letters and the old account went into query only when I rang O2. Warning bells now going off. Now the bills from O2 had apparently finished the 6 months free of line rental, I found this out when an invoice appeared in my inbox from O2 for over £400, so you don’t get 6 months for free, you just don’t pay it for 6 months, not ideal for a small haulage company. After one or two of these invoices I complained to win win again and they did put some money in the company bank account to cover any difference, not the point though, I wanted to pay a set price every month. I don’t know what’s going to happen when the first year is complete. I started 2018 with the intention of getting the balance on the old O2 account sorted, the first week back in January I rang and emailed Win win, but no-one answered the phone or email, when ringing it said I couldn’t leave a message as the voicemail box was full, this went on for that first week, I rang O2 to complain and I couldn’t get hold of them. Mid-week the following week I finally managed to get through, I was told they had an issue with their phones (nothing was said about the lack of email, or the mobile numbers that was on the bottom of their emails), I asked for Dave, I was told all of management was in a meeting, I was told that every day I rang, no matter what time it was, I emailed of course, tagging it as important and putting read receipts on, no answer. I got annoyed and rang Linda who had set up the contract, someone else answered her phone, I explained my issue with the old account and Dave ignoring me, she asked if I had spoken to their para-legal called Levi (I hadn’t), she put me onto him, he once again assured me that he dealt with the old Talkfair accounts and successfully got them closed, he would draft a letter to O2 with all his legal talk about name changes and such. I felt relieved that finally it was going to be dealt with. A few days later I email Levi to ask for an update, the reply stated “he was no longer dealing with this due the non-management approval, and he had referred me over to a no-win-no-fee company to try and get me out of the contract”, I was furious, the whole reason I went with win win was because they had promised to get me out of the Talkfair/Ice-comms contract and would never have touched them otherwise. I have been trying to contact win win since and the management is also unavailable, Levi is unavailable, if anyone does try to contact me from Win win they tend to do it outside my hours. So I am left with a crippling bill every month and an outstanding bill on the old account with no resolution. Why do big telecoms companies deal with these scam companies? I am looking now for anyone who can help me.

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