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tanya's complaint against Clube Praia da Rocha

tanya coyle


worst holiday ever

Complaint against Clube Praia da Rocha

I paid 1600 for my family of 4 for ten days self catering to this hotel on the 22nd of July till the 01st of August 2017 . Your discription of the hotel had a gym a indoor and outdoor swimming pool, kids club etc. Well let me tell you it was a night mare of a holiday. We had no gym no indoor swimming pool and had to travel everyday with my small kids across the road to use the out door swimming pool. We had to pay for the sun beds and umberella each day, the kids club was catered mostly for portugese people .My kids didnt understand the entertainers language as they spoke mostly in portugese the songs were all in portugese at the nightly enterainment. To be honest it was so badly ran ive never seen anything like it before in my life.I felt like crying because my kids wanted to get envolved so much but we couldnt as we dont speak portugese. Back to Self catering apartment in our apartment that i paid for i had 1 pot ,2 glasses ,2 electric hobs a non electrical tea pot, 3 tea spoons and 8 knives. No forks ,no large spoons ,no pan,no toaster ,no microwave etc , it did not in anyway cater for 4 people to cook anything. We were not in the hotel i paid for that you said we were going to. I reported to reception the first day i had no untensils to cater with they said they will send some over. Day 2 a cleaner knocked on the door and handed me a frying pan. I complained again at reception and again i was promised more untensils straight away. Day 3 i got another frying pan, 1 small pot, 4 forks and 2 glasses. We were staying in a derelict building tower A number 203 with no lifts it was an ex -hotel obviously taken over by playa rocha called ( las something) i cant remember the name its directly across the road the bricks were fallen directly off the buildingonto the public walk way there was rubbish stored at the non used swimming pool we had to pass everyday i have photos to prove this. We had to use tower B to get our bags up to our room as we had boarded up lift entrance in our tower A block. I had a bedroom curtain hanging by 2 hooks as the rest was broken.We had a toliet sistern leaking on the floor onto the tiles were my partner slipped and fell onto the hard tiles and badly bruised his arm. We had fire extinguisher point out side the room with no fire extinguisher. We had an incident our emergency exit stair way door was broken and would not open from the inside the door on oppisite side worked. The lift was also broken at the same time it was so dangerous for me and my families lives. If there was a fire we had no way out we got out as another person used the stairs as the lift was not working . We reported this dangerous issue at recepition at 11:30am 6 hours later the door still wasnt fixed but the lift was.My partner was very angery these people were not taken this issue very seriously peoples lives and our own lives are in danger . My partner went back over and demanded the door handle to be fixed. I advise you to take this hotel web site off ur page as its giving you a very bad name. I think you should have a surveyor to check out these places your sending people too.I have saved hard all year round for a nice holiday abroad with my family.We were put into a life threating nightmare hotel that has only gave me heartache and the most un-easiest ten days of my life with my kids. I have photos taken to prove what we had to put up with which i will be placing on tip advisor. I canot stress enough to take this hotel down before someone is seriously hurt. Regards Tanya Coyle Referance number LOV7525R.

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