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Boris's complaint against Marston Group

Boris Valkov


car wrongly picked up

Complaint against Marston Group

Hello, my car was picked up by a dept collecting company ( without letting me know, knocking on the door to ask who this car belongs to or anything. I've recently purchased the vehicle so my guess is that the previous owner has had some kind of dept. The problem is that the logbook which is on my name is inside the car as well as a recepit showing that i've payed for it to the previous owner. I've explained that to the dept collecting company, I've also send them a copy of my driving license, a certificate proving that I am insured with the car and proof that I've made an online check of the vehicle prior to buying it. They've asked me to provide a bankstatement with the transaction for the car, but since I don't receive paper statements I've send them a copy of an online statement, which they said they cant accept since its only a spreadsheet and asked for a copy of a paper bank statement, but I dont even see the point of that since me sending money to someone doesnt prove that I've bought the car. When I asked them (over the phone) where my car is, so that I can get the documents necessary to prove that its actually my car they told me that they cant provide me with that information since I havent proved that I own the car and I need to email them first to request to go to the car, but I really dont have the patience for that anymore since it takes days for them to answer after each email, I need the car to go to work and its now been over 2 weeks since they've picked it up. What do you think I can do about this situation and do you think you can help me? Thank you.

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