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Isabel's complaint against The Studio Works

Isabel Cliffe


Model opportunity scam

Complaint against The Studio Works

I was one of the lucky ones and I did not give this place a penny. I studied fashion for two years so I know how a lot of this stuff kind of works. So when they contacted me a day after I applied i knew this was odd. Fast foward to the phone call.. it seemed normal at first, the sort of questions you would ask an aspiring model. Then it came to talking about coming down for a trial shoot, now this is normal But what isn't normal is them asking for a refundable deposit for a trial shoot and portfolio as it is under law illegal for them to ask for any kind of money for a trial photo shoot under the AMA modelling association. At this point I knew something was wrong and said I would call back to further arrange an appointment. I did research on their company and looked on the AMA official website to find out it's an absolute SCAM.i promptly called back and told them to shove it and never contact me again. ALL ASPIRING MODELS PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM. ONLY GO THROUGH REPUTABLE ANGENCIES AND DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE APPLYONG The guy who contacted me is names JOSHUA RICHARDS do not let this man scam you

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Phil mckenna | | VERIFIED

I am in the process of issuing court case against Black Rose Collection and it would help if we can all issue a joint case together against them. I do not wish to give up and wish to take this all the day. I will draft the claim form and particulars of claim and send it to you all for approval prior to issuing.
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