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Rebecca's complaint against The Studio Works

Rebecca Burton


Modelling SCAM (Formerly London Fashion models)

Complaint against The Studio Works

Ashamed to say I have been totally scammed just like a long list of others. Daughter sent a photo - told her they liked her photo and she was invited for a shoot - told had to purchase photos on day but "package" included 40 photos on website - 15 of which would be professionally photo shopped. All done in a dark room, with the promise of at least 4-5 castings and 2-3 shoots per month. After care consultant. Fitness, nutrition advice etc. Well, I could have created the web site myself, only 18 photos (none photo shopped) - did receive a call from "consultant" during school hours! Tried to ring back - when name given the well rehearsed spiel was given that they liked her picture and would like to invite her for a shoot!! She explained she had already done that! He said her "consultant would call" next received an email from so called consultant saying "it was great talking to you today! An appointment has been booked for you to speak again" Not one of any of the people whose names we have been given have any social networks profiles - strange for so called modelling consultants. - I AM PURSUING GETTING A REFUND. Letter written to them, I got a call from someone (another actor) telling me not to believe what I read online, it is not a scam!! IT IS!! I DONT KNOW HOW THESE PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT

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Please contaxt me via [email protected] thank you

Rebecca Burton | | VERIFIED

Who are you?

Nicole Seitz | | VERIFIED

Anyone who has had the same problem with studio works and who would like to band together to go to the police and try and get a refund please contact me as if there is more then one of us it is far more likely we can prove what they are doing

Rebecca Burton | | VERIFIED

If you want to contact me, I will tell you where I am up to.


Please contact me as i am also taking further action on [email protected] thank you

Phil mckenna | | VERIFIED

I am in the process of issuing court case against Black Rose Collection and it would help if we can all issue a joint case together against them. I do not wish to give up and wish to take this all the day. I will draft the claim form and particulars of claim and send it to you all for approval prior to issuing.
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