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Bharat chitkara's complaint against GOV.UK

Bharat chitkara


Unnecessary charges in dart ford tunnel without clear sign of changing their fair to pay

Complaint against GOV.UK

I travelled a month ago into dartford tunnel and for some reason I find the barrier was open and in some lane their was no barrier so I thought it might be free from that day now after a month I got penalty notice because they have changed the system and have done it online or different sort of getting payed to them When it was pay on barrier it was cheaper as well and their was some people on job which they was helping to give change and their was enough sign about 3 to 4 miles before they warn you to pay but suddenly they have changed the system and not even single sign to warn you maybe their is now but I am talking about month ago and on the top job cut, increase in the payment of crossing and those who don't no about the changes obviously have to pay more as a fine and of course more profit as well I am not saying it's a bad system it is good to control the traffic like this but at least big warning sign all over surrounding roads as they have done it when they new start the congestion charges in London

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