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Ann's complaint against Distinctive Models

Ann Taveres



Complaint against Distinctive Models

Please do not trust this agency they are pure scam artists. They invite you for an interview and make it seem like you have been selected for something extraordinary and when you arrive you are greeted by one rather rude woman who interviews you then proceeds to offer you "a job I can put you for" which can be seen on the computer which lists all fake information in the hopes of luring you in. They then talk about the huge substantial salary around £1800 for 3 day shoot... which you are 80-90% chance will get...yeh great loop hole..Then comes their kicker "I won't put you up for this job without training" here comes a paper with an extortionate price list ranging from £200-600 in "training courses" in the description it mentions a whole day of training, make up and hair professionally done, and session with a photographer. Like I said this woman was RUDE she demanded to pay then and there otherwise they could not continue, I tried to ask if I could think about it and there was the pressure of "Well it has to be now or never, you know you never get chances like this.." So like an idiot on a struggle for money I saw it as an investment.. paid, came back ready on the day was led to the makeup chair where they use very VERY cheap makeup, you are worked on for about 15 mins and you are sent to the photographer.. here you actually do the most minor bit of pose learning lasting for 30MINS NOT A DAY 30 MINS!!! After an outfit change and hairstyle change the session was over in just over an HOUR you are then told to wait as the "MANAGER" wants to meet you to review your pics.. now comes the scam again... the modelling shoot that you were put up for? POOF DISAPEARED , this woman does not mention it at all instead all she does is try and convince you to buy all the pictures you have just taken at HUGE rates, oh and in order to be on their system you MUST have one pic and NO NOT FROM YOUR OWN PORTFOLIO FROM THIER PICS meaning YOU MUST PAY.. Otherwise no pic ( imagine a model on their site and no pic... they love to corner people) so I grinding my teeth chose just one to which she didn't like as she wanted at least 5 and there again I paid £30 for that pic. She then tries to rush you off and hastily mentions brief info saying " I will send you modelling requests and lists of websites to check you must respond" she does it on the spot.. it's been 6 months.. and there's only crickets. I'm not a big headed person but I know I am attractive and I'm only putting this out there so no ones HARD EARNED MONEY WILL BE STOLEN BY SUCH UPFRONT MONEY GRABBING SCAMMERS! I look forward to hearing back from Fraud and Cyber Crime UK about this terrible business.

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Thank you Ann for your complaint. I had exactly the same story with them. Could you advise me please what can I do, or I can add my case to have stronger case against them.

Ann Taveres | | VERIFIED

Hi Jeff I'm sorry you had to endure the same experience. I think what's best is to make a call to Fraud and Cyber Crime UK, ask for their advice and file against them which is what I'm in the process of doing, it's sick how people take money of others in a ruthless way. In this case it's most definitely Advanced Fee Fraud check this out: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/fraud-az-advance-fee-fraud


Hi Ann, thank you very much for Link. I’m sorry about you too. One more option you can try to recover your money is Ombudsman service. I sent to them complaint today. https://www.ombudsman-services.org/
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