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Cameron's complaint against Newham Council

Cameron Moore


Unknown Parking Fine

Complaint against Newham Council

When working in the Newham Council area I received a parking fine for having my front wheel up on the kerb. The parking was so tight it was very difficult not to. I contested this, but to know avail. They send in the bailiffs and I gave in and paid £150. Two weeks later the Bailiffs were back over a parking fine I was unaware of. I assumed it was an administrative oversight from the fine I had already paid. They came up with a different offence number. I never had a second parking fine nor any correspondence regarding it. I appealed to Newham Council but they could not have cared less. My granddad paid the fine £500 as the Bailiffs threatened to up the cost to me. My granddad was in Strood, Kent and highlighted this to a parking attendant he met. The attendant said he once worked for the parking company employed by Newham, stating it was common practice to do what they did to me to increase income

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