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Mandy's complaint against Mark Towers Painters

Mandy Cattell



Complaint against Mark Towers Painters

I wanted the front of my house painted this included Two large wooden bay windows and a wooden front door plus some masonry paint. My windows in some areas were a bit rotten but was told that they could be filled and sanded.after the Job was done it did look ok.A few weeeks later I noticed that the corking used in between the window and window sill was black and mushy ( it was obvious to me that it had never been allowed to dry and also it looked more like bathroom sealer that wood sealer) I also notice that the original door colour Blue was showing through the door that he painted green and was no undercoat,My front bays and doors to be honest looked a mess.I posted Mr Towers a note in his door to come and have a look which he did and he agreed that he forgot to undercoat the door and also the corking needed to be all scrapped out and done again so he said call me when the weather is better.A few weeks after the paint started flaking! So I decide that I really didn't want Mr Tower and his friend Paul back again so my husband rang and asked for a part refund and we will have some one else as to be honest I don't want shoddy workmanship,Mr Towers said he had offered to come and fix it ( but really wouldn't a professional painter remember to undercoat a door and not use bathrooom sealant and sand properly and I don't think my bays were ever under coated ) we said we would rather have a small refund,Mr Towers said he would come again and look at it again so agreed a date we had to ring him first to remind him ,this we did but we kinda new he would be convieneantly unavailable to come but rather told us to ring his Partner this we did and his friend Paul was extremely unprofessional in his manner and said from his point they have offered to fix it ,they would have to have a day off work to do this and that It as far as he was concerned,so no refund ,we very kindly said we don't want the work done as they didn't do a job fit for purpose in the first place and do not honestly trust them and want a professional painter.We very promptly was told take us to court your not having a refund and had the phone put down on us!! It's worth noting that all telephone conversations have been recorded and lots of photos of before and after paintwork have been done .I have also had three lots of individual painters out who assure me that Mrs Towers work is very Poor My professional painter starts work this week And I will as they say Take them to court we were never after a full refund but as we told them a token gesture of compensation.

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