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Charlene's complaint against Teletext Holidays

Charlene Desporte


[RESOLVED] - False advertisement/ customerservice

Complaint against Teletext Holidays

orig complaint i sent to teletext: I am very disappointed with the service that i am receiving from the staff at Teletext that i have come into contact with. After my first initial call on Friday 25th September with a lovely man who could communicated very well i believe his name was Joe however the slip of paper i had with his name on is at home i had decided to go ahead with my 30th Birthday booking. I was told that this will cost at total of £1,064.00pp with a deposit of £200pp. I myself was travelling from the 28th on a early flight but Joe did mention if i called on Monday this may be a slightly higher price due to the new week beginning. I found the time to call in the afternoon on Sunday 27th September where i was put through to a gentleman named Carlos who informed me that Joe was not working however he will kindly help. This was not the case! Firstly the communication was terrible and Carlos was not making much sense but as i have used Teletext before I assumed that all will be well if i just go slow and get my trip sorted. I was first told that the price of the trip had gone up in price. I was aware but i was concerned as i still thought i had a extra day before prices changed. I then decided to check online. I found that the advertised price of £1,064.00pp was still displayed and was told this is a error and it should not be showing. This concerned me! Secondly i was told the deposit per person had risen to £250 per person. Now this is four adults booking with all separate lives and they had transferred the exact amount to my account to pay the total of £800 for the overall deposit money collectively was confirmed with the agent prior. I stood my ground and said that this will not be possible as everyone has mad commitments and budgeted on the information that had been provided to me. I paid a total of £802 deposit with the assurance that the overall remaining balance is to be paid no later that the 31st Dec. This is the information that i had passed on to my fellow travelers. Once i had read the confirmation email and Carlos asked me to check i noticed that the transfers where not included in the price as again previously mentioned and seen on the website. I screen shot the page and was told by Carlos he doesn't think that transfers are included after it clearly stated: (Please see attached) Again after being told he will look into this for me i was concerned because for the second time i was being told something different to what i was seeing on the live website. After a grueling telephone call i was assured that i will be updated on the information i need and have till the 31st Dec to make full payment of the outstanding balance which is now BALANCE DUE: £4,362.00 due to the price of the holiday increasing to £1291.00pp for a magical reason even though you can see the screen shots which clearly says £1233.00 which again was more that the original price of £1064.00. I was just glad i could hang up the phone and there be some sort of relief that my birthday shall be at my chosen destination. I passed the details on to all parties who then pointed out the the email said the we needed to pay the balance by 30th October!!!!! This was never going to happen. Again i called up Teletext and have just come off the phone to a agent who informed me that no i can pay the full balance by 31st Dec as previously mentioned and even offered a two week extension due to the mis-communication which i advised him this would not be needed as i told all parties a specific date already so that it ties in with their finances. The agent did say i had until the 2nd week of October or the end at the latest to pay the amount of £200.00!! as this is what just needs to happen! I said this will not happen as all four parties get paid at different times and people will be calling up here and there to ensure that the payment is paid before the 31st as told by myself. I explained i do not know peoples personal pay dates and one of which is my mother you just DO NOT ask those things! I need this all to be resolved as this is not the first time that i have used Teletext but shall possibly be the last time due to the wasted time and effort before i can even get to my special holiday. I need to have transfers included as stated An explanation as to Why the prices are different and have been told nonsense on this behalf Confirm that the remaining balance of £4,362.00 is payable by 31st Dec That all other items included in this package are included I am very disappointed and hope this can be resolved. I will await you response. Kind Regards, Charlene Desporte

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