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DAVID's complaint against myHermes




Complaint against myHermes

Purchased from J.Parkers 4 trees. Hermes alledge that they tried to deliver on 19th - LIES. Hermes alledge that they tried to deliver on 20th - LIES. Hermes alledge that they tried to deliver on 22nd - LIES. Hermes say that they are going to try and redeliver on 23rd. I say that they are lying through their teeth.

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Hermes just tried to deliver this order to me. I have refused delivery as I have already been refunded by JParkers I do not find it acceptable for the delivery woman when I complained that it should have been received over a week ago, for her to say "well my husband can only get it delivered when he is around this way". Shows TOTAL disregard for customers and Hermes should be damned well ashamed of themselves!!!. HERMES ARE A JOKE AND A DISGRACE


Hermes do not bother to respond to complaints. This company it a total disgace to the industry and can only get away with it, because there is no one cheaper.

Steve Cartmell | | VERIFIED

Steve Cartmell | | VERIFIED

Whenever I order on line and find out afterwards that they use Hermes I anticipate delivery problems and I am never disappointed.I am often not in when I am in and I have difficulty seeing invisible vans.I nominate a delivery day but they try on an unnomited day when I am out (actually out),Maybe if they followed the Amazon van things would get better,Oh well never mind.

Norman Bryant | | VERIFIED

One has to be a mathematician to book with Hermes, I sent a parcel which was 6kg so well within their 15kg limit, shorter than their 1.2m, narrower than their 245cm circumference and now they want a surcharge as they say the volume is in excess, steer clear which is a shame as our local driver is fine, Hermes now want to charge extra and have you ever tried contacting Hermes, don't bother you can
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