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Christina's complaint against myHermes



Parcel wasn't collected & worst service EVER!

Complaint against myHermes

I have bad experiences with companies before but this goes beyond anything I have ever known. I sat in all day Saturday so Hermes could collect 2 heavy boxes for delivery. They didn't turn up. I got no email, phone call, text- nothing to notify me of this. They didn't attempt to contact me at all in fact so if I didn't take action they basically would have taken my money but didn't do their job. I went through the online chat first as it seemed like the quickest option. The lady on the chat couldn't tell me why it wasn't delivered but could only 'pass my details on'. So I asked when I could expect to hear from someone and she also said she couldn't give me that information. So I can't understand why there's an online chat in the first place when she wasn't able to give me basic information. Next step: email. They said they'd respond within 24 hours. They did and said they would rearrange delivery. I responded to say it had to be Saturday as I work weekdays. They emailed me back again to say someone was attempting delivery today. I emailed again to say it needs to be Saturday. I then got another email saying the order had expired and I needed to go into my account, cancel and re-order. I responded saying I think its unacceptable that I should do this after communicating several times that I want to move my delivery to Saturday (because you didn't collect it when you were supposed to!) I then had to phone, and after receiving awful service on the phone they basically told us they couldn't re-arrange delivery. Hmmm strange, a delivery company cant re-arrange a simple delivery that they missed in the first place. Oh and I had also contacted the delivery driver who left an attempted delivery slip under my door to ask him if he could come on Saturday, but of course- he doesn't work weekends and was also most unhelpful. So now I have requested a refund for both boxes and have only received confirmation for one. I'm guessing I'll be on hold through my lunch break tomorrow again! So unfriendly, unhelpful, not willing to go the extra mile, not even willing to give basic answers or solutions. My money will be going elsewhere and I will be bad mouthing this company to anyone who will listen!

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