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Andy's complaint against Income Extra

Andy Edgar


Taken my money

Complaint against Income Extra

I woke up this morning to my bank contacting me about a transaction they wanted check wasn't fraudulent. Turns out when I applied for a loan this company 'Income Extra Net' acted as some sort of middleman and started a rolling contract of £29.91 to verify my information. Perhaps this was on the small print but it is extremely immoral and uses dodgy business practices to take money from people who are looking for short term loans as they have no money in the first place! I cancelled my card and eventually got through to the company in question. I said I wanted a refund and that considering I never received an invoice or receipt for this amount or even a confirmation I had an account with them; I expected this to happen. The guy who answered the phone was the cockiest, demeaning, inconsiderate kid I have ever spoken to. When I questioned their business practices and that it was never my intention to sign up with a company like theirs especially for a fee; he responded by saying that instead of pointing the blame at a company I should "think about what I do in future" and "if I don't understand how loan applications work then I shouldn't use them" and even "it's your fault". I am not usually the type to get angry over the phone but I had some pretty strong words for this lad who sounded no older than 18. The matter has ended with me £30 down, a cancelled debit card and disgust at how companies can get away with daylight robbery.

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Thunder Storm | | VERIFIED

Call your bank and tell them you dont recognise this transaction. Say you have taken the loan but you never signed up for income-extra services. My bank Halifax have cancelled my card, blocked any potential attempts of taking money from my account by income-extra and got my money refunded
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