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Jerrold's complaint against Tesco

Jerrold Donington


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Complaint against Tesco

With every visit to a Tesco supermarket, I am asked "do you have a club card"? I am also asked "would you like a club card"? If you don't answer, the checkout assistant may keep pestering you with the question. On one occasion I was asked five times which resulted in an argument. I have no intention of having a club card. The benefits are derisory, and they may sell my personal data as well. I believe in having as few cards as possible. In any case - I resent being asked all the time. Why don't they have a written sign to remind shoppers about their cards? Then the checkout person won't keep asking. It's getting very irritating. Nearly everywhere I shop, I now get the same question: "do you have a ????? card"? I wish they would leave me alone to shop in peace. If they persist, I will shop somewhere else where I can have a peaceful experience. Tesco has lost a customer. Sainsburys and the others are about to lose a customer. I will shop at the new Lidils in my local town. The price is the price. And there's none of this stupid nonsense either. My complaint also applies to Sainsburys, Iceland, Boots, Home Base, BP, Shell, Texaco, etc. etc. etc. The list is getting longer all the time. I just want to be left alone.

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