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gareth's complaint against Forces War Records

gareth Jones


[RESOLVED] - Forces war records make a killing in unsanctioned repeat subscriptions.

Complaint against Forces War Records

I subscribed to forces war records for a one off month as specified on their site. No where was there a repeat subscription box checked or unchecked. I received an email confirming my one month only purchase. The following month money had been taken again. I went on the site and under my file a renewal box was checked. I emailed company but no reply. I looked on MSE website and found many others with similar complaint. In the end I contacted my bank to block any more unauthorised direct debits.

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Forces War Records resolved this complaint

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Forces War Records | | VERIFIED

(part one) Dear Mr Jones I am sorry if you feel that any payments were taken without authority and will do my best to explain the situation. Your Forces War Records Membership was automatically renewed because in your profile the 'auto renew payment' was set to 'Yes'. There is a notification of this setting on the payment page when you subscribed and the page does state that payment is 'per' month.

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(part2) Our customers have complete control their own membership payments from 'Your Profile' and, as with all subscription websites, it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself with 'Your Profile' so you know what the status of your account is. Subscriptions renew every 28 days unless you reset the auto renew to 'No' in the profile of your account.

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(part 3) I am really sorry that you did not find this arrangement clear when you subscribed. You will find that almost all Genealogy websites operate payments in a similar way because members find it useful to have automatically renewing subscriptions whilst they carry out their research. We have no messages from you so please contact us via [email protected] or use our online ‘Customer Support’ via the link

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(part 4) As a goodwill gesture they will refunded your last payment. You will also now see that Forces War Records have changed our subscription rates for 12 Months, 1 Month Recurring and 1 Month fixed access, see: Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Kindest regards Customer care.

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gareth Jones | | VERIFIED

Was the notification on the payments page when accessed by smartphone I wonder? I am quite certain it wasn't as I am very vigilant in these matters. However I see you have made changes and will now contact you direct.
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