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Neil's complaint against Vets Now

Neil Jarvie


Belligerent Money Making Machine

Complaint against Vets Now

This company is a money generating machine praying on unsuspecting pet owners requiring emergency care. I won't bore you with the story as it ended up being a 7 month saga of belligerence but some low points include: 1. £160 initial consultation fee on a Sunday afternoon as it's "out of hours' (normally £36) 2. Unnecessary procedures designed to increase overall costs 3. Recommendations for treatment not supported by the Vet's own notes (very, very serious) Within 7 hours of being admitted my cat was apparently at risk of imminent heart failure. In fact she was constipated. Total bill... £730. Their "client care" is an oxymoron. At Vets Now it means waiting at least a month to get a response to each and every correspondence, and then effectively being told they disagree with each and every point of complaint raised. Their arrogance is astounding. My advice, if your Vet uses this company for it's out-of-hours service find another practice that doesn't. This company is proliferating across the country with monopolies in some towns so go check now before you have no choice.

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