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Barbara's complaint against Vets Now

Barbara Stewart


Completely wrong diagnosis

Complaint against Vets Now

We took our miniature Dachshund aged 18 months, to Vets Now Caterham on Sat eve 3rd Dec, as we thought he may have caught a bug, as couldn't keep food/fluids down, didn't have diarrhoea. Straightaway was advised needed to pay 'small deposit' of £500. Teddy was there until Monday morning, and we had been advised 'on examination and at least 2 alleged x rays? that there was no intestinal blockage'. So they basically hydrated him, gave pain control and took bloods. On the Monday morning, we collected Teddy to take him to our vets, and was advised another £1,200 was to be paid up!!!.... It was all matter of fact, and the staff appeared to be more interested in charging us, rather than the emotional situation we were in.. Neither staff wished us well etc etc... As soon as our vet felt Teddy's lower stomach she discovered a small lump and did an x ray, which showed a foreign body. She arranged a scan and surgery was required... sadly on opening up Teddy his intestines were strangulated/perforated with some sort of string and a good outcome was not to be had, and Teddy was put to sleep on the operating table. We are devastated.. He may not have been saved if discovered on Saturday, but the misdiagnosis!! lack of treatment for him (did he properly examine and x ray him, and the whole money orientation was disgusting!! It took our vet '5 minutes to discover the lump/swelling and three hours from start of consultation to the end ...excellent treatment.... As a family we are so angry at Vet Now's misdiagnosis, was this due to inattentive treatment and negligence? I want answers, and how can they charge £1,700 for doing very little, let alone a correct diagnosis..... His brother Max, is very sad/distressed at the loss of his brother as well... NEVER GO TO VETS NOW in Caterham...

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