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adam's complaint against Vets Now

adam edwards


Descusting treatment

Complaint against Vets Now

My poor dog passed away suddenly on the Sunday 28th June 2017, we new where the 24hr vet was so we went out there right away!! To be told she was gone... The next day we went back to see vets now and made arrangements to get or dog Cremated and left it in the hands of vets now.we paid £207 to get her transported to wherever they cremate animals and was told it would take between 7-10 days !! 10 days had come and gone so I phoned vets now to find out where she was to be told it could take up to 14 days ..OK!! 14 days have come and gone !!! Then I was told if there isn't enough pets to come back up this way it's not worth there time what put me into total shock so I hung up and phoned the following evening...I've now been told we will get her back on Tuesday over 3 weeks after she has past...the bee all and end of it they will take you're money but are not proving a service

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