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Complaint against Vets Now

On the evening of 13/5/17 (Sat) my 11yr old G/Shepherd's back legs & a front leg collapsed at home due to CDRM which he had for 3 years, so "sadly" we knew this was the end. We contacted "Vets Now" in Huyton and explained everything, and that we didn't want to traumatise him further by carrying him to the Vets which he hates and he will be more comfortable at home. We asked them to "call out" to euthanize him I gave the details of his size, weight etc., the price "quoted" was "£600". As it was so expensive I contacted other vets but none called out. Story short Sunday morning approx. 8.00am I rang "Vetsnow" again and requested the call out. I was informed that the Vet is busy (fair enough) but she would call at 6.30pm. Several hours and several calls later we were still waiting! Eventually I got hold of a different Vet who had just come on shift and I had to give her all the info again, her "quote" was "£787.46" a difference of "£184.14" from "previous evening" (The "call out alone is £306.84!) I agreed to the cost as by this time as I was so emotional / upset etc. I just wanted him put out of his misery. (I had to pay upfront by card at 9.45pm). After hours of waiting & chasing up the Vet she eventually arrived at 11.40pm, "5 hours" later and just before midnight when the cost probably changed as the weekend call out rates would end. (The Vet was full of apologies for being extremely late but I was so emotional what could I say by this time). Any other "service" treated us this way we would instantly "cancel" our business with them but as it was an emergency and all that was on offer we had to accept it! He was pts just before midnight. I know that they are busy but why offer a 24hr service if you can't maintain it. For the price they charge you expect a top class service. I will think twice before using or recommending them in future. I must say though the reception staff I spoke to throughout the day were very apologetic and understanding, credit where credit is due. Unfortunately I'm sad to say to me this Vets is more of a "business service" than a "caring service”. I will definitely "not" be using them for my future pets or indeed recommending them for an emergency call out service.

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