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Lynne's complaint against Vets Now

Lynne Hanson


not a Vet, a business

Complaint against Vets Now

Vets Now, the 24 hour emergency vets operating out of Stocton Vet Centre in Guildford Surrey, are more of a ‘business’ than a caring and compassionate veterinary practice. The vet on hand at 11:30 on the evening of the 2nd of November, instilled little confidence when we left our cat with him. Benny has just been hit by a car and we brought him in to be treated – he was weighed, checked over, temperature taken and then after he was given an injection for pain, we were given a thousand pound estimate for what treatment they thought he would need and told they would call us in the morning. We had to leave a £300 deposit. I had to call them at around 11 in the morning, and spoke with female vet ‘day vet’ with Stocton. An xray revealed quite a few problems and they would keep us posted. She called us again at 5:30 pm to say his condition had worsened and they were still waiting to give him another xray, but this time under anesthesia. That never happened. That evening, the ‘night vet’ phoned and she wouldn’t let us get a word in edgewise – told us that after they removed Benny’s eye (and would be blind in the other with suspected brain damage) and had the necessary surgery for his abdominal injury (with no mention over additional surgeries which would have been needed) he would then be a “Happy Cat”!! We were so upset and outraged over the lack of compassion and the time that had elapsed we felt that it was cruel to continue, almost 72 hours later, waiting for someone to do something, and made the decision to put Benny to sleep. Shameful and owners be warned – if you care about your pet, you will never use Vets Now!

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