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David's complaint against Vets Now

David Anderson


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Complaint against Vets Now

We were charged £1080, for 12hr admission of our sick dog Jack including charge of 70x more for drug that we had already administered. We were told that we had to pay in full and in advance before the vet would do anything. RCVS (Governing Body ) is investigating our complaint about the vet’s dishonesty and malpractice. RCVS ´s regulations don´t allow a challenge to Vetsnow only to the individual vet, yet VetsNow steadfastly hide behind a ¨no comment¨ and the MD refuses to speak with me or justify statements made 12.03.12 Radio 4 You&Yours ( Listen Again). He said ¨we are not in this for the money¨ but profits £4.5 million. I believe Vetsnow put profit before pet welfare.

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Vets Now failed to resolve this complaint

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Lisa Maxwell | | VERIFIED

A formal investigation into Mr Anderson’s concerns is being undertaken by our governing body, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). We have also investigated and responded to Mr Anderson’s complaints internally and have met with him personally. We feel it would be inappropriate to comment any further whilst the case is being investigated by the RCVS.

David Anderson | | VERIFIED

I repeat Vetsnow is NOT under investigation, their vet is. I did speak with a vet about Jack´s treatment ,but he was clear that prices were determined solely by the company. Vetsnow still refuse to comment on their prices and profits. Prices are set by them, no criteria other than what they can get away with ( almost anything if you are told your pet might die if you do not pay in advance and in full) ; at least 25% more than other emergency services. Why no comment on these issues?

David Anderson | | VERIFIED

I repeat Vetsnow is NOT being investigated by RCVS , the vet is. My conversation was about Jack´s treatment vet said prices are determined solely by company. There are no criteria, they charge what they can get away with ( a lot when told that your pet might die if you don´t pay in full and in advance and Vetsnow have bought out all other vets in the area); at least 25% more than other emergency vet and profits of £4.5 million. Why won't they talk to me to justify these issues? Scared perhaps!

David Anderson | | VERIFIED

Still no response. What makes these people think that ignoring me will make me go away?

josephine Garlick | | VERIFIED

what david has said is true my dog died at the hands of a Vets Now vet she was left 9 hours before giving her blood clotting plasma or vitamin K and charged me £2000 for her death
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