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Cheryl's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Cheryl Jenkins


[RESPONDED] 24/7 customer service

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Months ago (around January time) I rang 24/7 to cancel my contract. I was told at the time that I could not do so until I had paid up a full years cover, as I'd had a boiler service early 2017. My last yearly payment was due on 15th April 2018. I complied with this instruction and paid up in full. As I was going on holiday on 15th April, I phoned 24/7 on 14th to say that the last instalment had been taken out of my account and would reach them within 2 days (as it was the weekend), so could they cancel my account on receipt. I was told by the customer service rep, that they could not cancel until all monies were received. I noted my concern that the usual notice period on cancellation was 30 days and I did not want to be having to pay another month. The rep then categorically told me that, as I was just fulfilling my obligation to pay up the full year (following my phone call in January) that the 30 day cancellation is automatically waived. I accepted this as fact, but still sent an email to the company on 14th April 2018, confirming my telephone conversation and stating that as all instalments were paid by me, I would cancel the direct debit, which I did the following week. I asked that they reply to me, which they did not. Today, 25th April 2018, I phoned he company again to get their confirmation that they had closed my account. I was told that I had to give 30 days notice and would have to pay another instalment in May. I told the rep that I was told otherwise when I rang on 14th April, and emailed them immediately after, but he would not listen (to the point of rudeness). I have sent copies of my emails to the company today. However, in light of the treatment I have received so far, I expect that they will be difficult yet again. I have been with 24/7 for over 2 years and during this time, I had 2 boiler services only. The one other time I called them regarding a leak, I was told it would not be covered and had to pay the cost myself. All this for at least 24 payments of £24? Not such a good bargain I'd say. All I want now is to detach myself form this impolite and disingenuous company with no further payments. I fulfilled the demand that I pay up to and including the end of April 2018 (D.D. dated 15th), and have the account cancelled as per the commitment made to me on the call of 14th April 2018. However, I have been informed that they will take a payment from me on 25th May, which is wrong and quite frankly totally inappropriate when compared with what I was told and followed up with by email.

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear Mrs Jenkins, we're sorry to hear that you feel the services provided by 24/7 Home Rescue are unsatisfactory, however, I'd like to assure you that your complaint has been investigated thoroughly. We would like to invite you to contact us via email at [email protected] with all of the relevant details including your policy reference and the reference (JG) in the subject box.

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Mehwish Masood | | VERIFIED

S November | | VERIFIED

Instant Refund, easy and stress-free. you can recover all your payments using the Direct debt scheme go to your bank with the list of payments and ask them to return all money. They will then instantly return all your payments the reason, miss-selling, breach of contract, crooks
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