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Ronak's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Ronak Shah


247 Home Rescue - Cheap but rubbish

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Short version: initially cheap and cheerful, but when the cover is put to the test, they will find a way to not cover anything. Long version: In the summer of 2018, I called out a plumber to fix an overflowing kitchen sink. The diagnosis, from the plumber, was that I needed to replace the piping underneath, which is conveniently not covered under my policy as the current piping was “glued” in my sink. Subsequently, I had an external company look at the same issue and it turned out it was just the drainage that needed unblocking, for which I paid £120, and it solved the issue. The unblocking, however, IS covered under my policy, confirmed by the Home Rescue team. I was asked to send an invoice with a description and company name, as evidence which I did. I called the team a NUMBER of times to chase and I kept getting promises of communication - “you’ll hear from us next week, or 24 hours or 2 days or Monday”, and not once did I receive a call back. On top of that, the invoice evidence I sent to HomeRescue was not internally sent to the Complaints team. In fact, when I called and asked what was the delay, they said “we have not received the invoice evidence yet”. This is not a good enough excuse for a 2 week delay, so in the end I sent the same copy directly to the complaints team (which I would’ve been happy to do immediately instead of waiting two weeks!). I was subsequently told “you’ll hear from us in 48 hours” and again no contact. I went abroad for a couple of weeks, came back and called to find out, surprise surprise, the case was still at the same stage it was before I left. It has been an incredibly frustrating and time consuming process. The communication has been lacklustre. In the end all I got was an email that said it was insufficient evidence and the case is closed. Nothing more I can do about it. STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPANY. Pay the extra ££ for HomeServe / British Gas

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