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Tunde 's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Tunde Laleye


247 Home rescue Boiler Cover Nightmare

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

247 Home rescue is my family's current boiler cover provider and they have been nothing but horrible in providing unprofessional service and they have ripped is off of £250. We have made several attempts to log complaints but their email responses are vague and nothing is done about the complaints logged via several phone calls and emails. Our boiler broke down the weekend commencing Friday the 2nd of March when the UK had the cold snowy weather. As we pay monthly cover and we have a toddler in the house, we called and requested for an engineer. We were told to get an engineer to come out, we needed to pay a £75 surcharge. We refused as we do have cover and had a right to an engineer coming out especially when the weather was as bad as it was and with an under 5 child living there. They then rudely said all their engineers were busy and someone will call back. We had to call back the next day Saturday as no one had called us back. We were promised an engineer will come out on sunday. No one did and we didn't get anyone to call us back. After consistent phone calling from our part, an engineer came on tuesday to look at the boiler and said for the boiler to work, 247 needed to order a new part. We called the 247 home rescue and asked for a report as it did not seem the engineer did anything on Tuesday and we asked for another engineer to come and check the boiler. We were refused a report and they sent the same engineer the very next day who came and said another part was needed to be ordered. At this point, it was clear this was all a scam as 247 rescue refused to send the engineers report and mentioned the only way it could be resolved was if an engineer from the boiler manufacturer (Worcester) could come out to check the boiler but we would have to pay £250 which would be returned if the boiler could be fixed by the engineer from Worcester Boiler. An engineer came out to check the boiler and did not need to fix any new parts. The boiler was fixed after 2 weeks of horrible cold weather with an under aged child living in the property. We requested for a report from the manufacturer engineer who sent it to us as we needed to use it to claim back our £250. When we called 247, they have mentioned that they haven't received the report till date and that they need to investigate. All the investigation they need is on the phone calls which should have been recorded by the company. We have had to take time off work to meet with the engineer on both occasions who didn't come at the time he indicated he would be at the property. We have spent unnecessary funds paying for an electric heater. My partner also fell ill during this period. This has been awful and we need something to be done asap or we will be going legal. No company should have the powers or right to cheat honest people.

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