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Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I called the claims line on Tuesday 9th January to place a call out for my boiler as my heating was not working, firstly it took 20 minutes for the call to be answered, I found this extremely frustrating and as it is an 0345 number. The advisor I spoke to told me that I was eligible for the repair but as I could not prove that my boiler had been previously serviced I would need to pay an excess fee of £75.00, he told me this would be refunded within seven days once the engineer had seen proof of service, at this point he did not tell me that If the repair was not boiler related I would not get a refund, he led me to believe that it would be refunded within 7 days, upon arrival the engineer took a copy of my last service report from British Gas and told me he would forward it to head office, The engineer was in my house for no longer than five minutes, he said he knew what the fault was and would order the parts and someone would call me to arrange another visit, I then got a call on Sunday the 14th to say that the part needed was not covered under my Terms and conditions and in order for them to complete the call I would need to pay another £92.00, at that point I said I was not willing to pay anymore money and I would like a refund of my £75.00 as promised, I was then told that this was not possible as the call out was not boiler related, he then said a manager would call me back on Monday the 15th well guess what !! I am still waiting for that call to happen. At no time during my conversation with the advisor did he say to me that my £75.00 would not be refunded, 247 has taken money from me under false pretences. if the advisor had told me that I would not be eligible for a refund I would not have paid the money in the first place. My only advice is check the small print in the terms and conditions before you commit, it my receiver that was faulty I would class that as part of the boiler as it does not work without it, but they obviously do not When you complain to the customer service department all you get is a standard template letter referring you to there terms and condition and the definitions of the agreement to further explain why the claim has been declined.

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