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Furious's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Furious Furian



Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Abysmal service. We had a fault with our boiler and rang the helpline expecting an engineer to be sent out within a few hours. Unfortunately the “247” company name clearly does not mean “24 hours 7 days per week”. 48 hours of chasing the 247 helpline (a bunch of kids) and the engineers we have still not had our problem resolved. They did send an engineer but it took ages to arrange an appointment as they weren’t calling the contact number I gave them and didn’t reply to my calls. When he eventually came he spent most of the time googling a solution on his phone before calling his office asking for advice. He ran the taps and declared it a fix, but unfortunately the boiler broke down an hour after he left. I think the worst thing about this company is that they were so quick to extract our £75 excess fee but since then all we have done is chase them and days later we still don’t have central heating or hot water. We keep calling the helpline, they apologise and promise to call back (and don’t), yet we still have no idea when another engineer will be call to arrange an appointment. As soon as the issue is fixed we are going to close our account with them. My advice; avoid this company like the plague!

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