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Martin's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Martin Reay


Appalling Service

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Despite having been a customer for 2 years and having had a trouble free annual service in 2018, last month the 24/7 engineer scheduled to do the 2019 service refused to complete it because he claimed that he couldn't get access to the loft. That was not true and he had the same access to the loft that every previous engineer (over the last 5 years) had. When I asked 24/7 for an explanation i was met with a number of false statements about the engineer needing a key to access the boiler cupboard. The boiler is in the hallway within an open cloakroom. 24/7 then charged me £30 to get a return visit for which I took down the whole ceiling in the boiler cupboard to avoid any issues. However, the returning engineer refused to even enter the flat to look or do the work! I have had to pay for a local engineer to do the work which was without a problem. Needless to say I cancelled all dealings with 24/7 but even then they tried to charge me for cancelling! 24/7 may provide cheap cover but they don't deliver what you pay for and try to rip you off at every turn. I wouldn't recommend 24/7 to my worst enemy!

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