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Karen's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Karen Wells


[RESPONDED] avoid at all cost - save yourself the pain

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Please if I can just prevent just one person from having to deal with this abomination of a company then I'll be happy. In November I made a claim and guess what – I’m not covered by my so called policy so that’ll be £200 to pay. No way, I want to cancel. That’ll be £142 to cancel. No way, I want a manager call back and guess what, they’re that inept they can’t even manage to do that. Countless ignored emails, false promises but on one occasion I was actually promised a call back on the 19th of Feb but it had to be at 3pm because the manager was in COURT!! But guess what even that call back never came to fruition. And now when they finally do respond, I get an email advising me that they will no longer correspond with me. Just says it all. The engineers are incompetent, the staff in the call centre are incompetent and so are the social media team who are probably reading this right now. So you can ignore my emails if you wish but I am not going away.

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear Ms Wells, As previously advised, I must highlight that you received a full and detailed response to this matter in November 2018. Upon disputing this, you were provided with the correct procedure to file a complaint but unfortunately, you refused to do so. Throughout proceedings we have maintained our position regarding your declined claim on the basis that your circumstances were deemed

247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

external to your chosen cover agreement, as per the terms and conditions issued unto yourself upon initiation of said agreement. The facts of this case are quite transparent. You were made aware that 247 provided cover for all matters equating to a breakdown. As your claim did not meet this criteria, you were provided with a set fee for rectification which you declined. We can confirm that you

247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

We can confirm that your policy has been cancelled on the 03/04/2019. Regards, Alice Roberts Social media

Karen Wells | | VERIFIED

Don't care what lies you type in response to my review as I stand by every word I've typed and will continue to type about your abysmal company.

Al Urrehman | | VERIFIED

I agree the engineers are totally incompetent. I have cancelled all 20 of my policies then I got a call from a smooth talking manger who pursuaded me to stay by offering 3 months free. What a total waste as yet have done both but waste my time and money. It’s documented and am seriously thinking of complaining to trading standards
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