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Minesh's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Minesh Patel


Avoid at all costs

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Short story: After a contentious initial boiler service the company decided they didn't want to cover it. They sent an email to confirm the cancellation but proceeded to take 15 month's Direct Debits. When approached for refund they refused and said case was closed despite me evidencing to them their own email and them stating they have no evidence of me asking to cancel the cover!!). Took them to small claims court (very easy to do online - takes no more than 20 minutes and £25!). They received the summons and hastily arranged to refund the court cost and my money they had been holding on to. This borders on fraudulent practice: Companies like individuals make mistakes (I should have cancelled the DD mandate) but it's how they react that you really find out about them. It was clear they had taken money for a service they did not provide and yet despite overwhelming evidence point blank refused to accept to pay the refund. Had they simply accepted the mishap and refunded me as most big companies do without question (example of small company attitude?) then this review would not have been made and potential customers lost. Bad experience from start to end. I certainly would not recommend these based on my experience. This company are miles cheaper than British Gas (who I think are overpriced) but is this yet another example of you get what you pay for (rhetorical question)?

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