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Peter's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Peter Petry


AVOID at all costs!!

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

So it didn't take long until my boiler has stopped working and I had to use my Boiler Emergency cover. It took 1 day to only establish that I would have to pay £75 excess and further 2 days to send an engineer. Once engineer arrived (who was a nice bloke BTW) he checked the boiler and established that it is a faulty fan. Engineer told me that if he would have a fan with him he would change it but obviously he did not so he sent report back to the head office and told me to contact them. I have called the head office straight away and after 20 minutes on hold I finally got through to Customer Representative who confirmed that my case is with so called "Authorisation Team" and she will divert me to them. When I was finally put through to the member of Authorisation team, guy on the other end told me that he is just researching my case and will call me back in 10mins. After 10 minutes I got a call back from the same guy who starts waffling about high cost of the fan (£250 although I can find brand new fan for under £50) uneconomical repair etc. and that they will try to help me as best as possible and recommend to send authorised Baxi engineer for which I would have to pay separately in addition to £75 excess I already paid!!! When I asked him to refund me £75 excess I already paid, he told me he is not authorised to do so but he will be happy to cancel my service contract with immediate effect!! I cannot describe how bad these people are, completely unregulated, your classic con act, happy to take your money but as soon as the issues start, they show their TRUE FACE!! AVOID THEM at all costs!!

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