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Jalal's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Jalal Ahmad



Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

247 Home Rescue is a Joke. This is how they treat you. After 6 months they give me a service date by paying extra £60 on the top of £15 a month. The engineer was sent out, who again did pretty much nothing and said, Oh your boiler CO2 level is little higher than recommended, so I have to turn your boiler OFF. The boiler turned OFF and the engineer went away and said someone will contact me tomorrow. And then I have been waiting for a week and NOBODY to contact me. They left me without boiler for a week and I have kids in the house. And at last, I had to call someone local to fix my boiler. I took the service for nothing. I have paid for 6 months and on the top, they took £60 more for booking boiler Service. All money went into their account and at the end, I paid monthly fees for nothing. Now please don’t tell me to Please feel free to contact the complaints team at [email protected] I have also contacted you guys and your reply was totally inappropriate. MY ADVISE TO EVERYONE IS PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY.

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