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Brian's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Brian Franks


[RESPONDED] Awful treatment from this company.

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Awful company, awful Complaints Team. Not fit for purpose. 1 Star precisely describes my experience with 247 Homeserve. Unacceptable , unreasonable and replies to emails that have no logic to them. On Wednesday, 21st November they performed a service of my gas boiler. They had forgotten to do one in the year previous down to an admin error aka incompetence. Engineer, nice bloke, pronounced all was well. I asked for his report and he stated that head office would email me one. Despite several requests they have not done so. They are, apparently, however using this report to address my complaint. I cancelled my monthly rolling contract as I wasn’t really happy with the service provided and invited British Gas to service my boiler to ensure they could accept it on their annual service plan. On Tuesday 27th November BG came and promptly condemned our boiler saying that a vital fixing was damaged which made it potentially unsafe. As it was an old model I got a new one fitted at great cost. How long had it been unsafe? How had the 247 engineer not mentioned it? Expecting my complaint to be taken seriously I contacted 247 with a copy of the BG report. Not good enough as it didn’t have my address on it, implying I might be making this up. Instead of them talking to BG to clarify I had to organise a separate email from BG to them confirming my details. Several calls and emails later And we end up with a final email, no further level to complain to, not registered with any trade association, no word of apology , just inferring that someone has tampered with the boiler in the 6 days between services. To what purpose I don’t know as I didn’t ask for money but needed to know that this couldn’t happen to another family. This is the final PARAGRAPH of the email. “To conclude your report does not make any reference from British Gas highlighting that this seal being broken is the fault off the 24/7 Home Rescue engineer. We can confirm that we do not accept that it is or does the information provided highlighted by British Gas highlight that it also could have been.” I THINK THIS MEANS THAT WEVE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP. AVOID THIS AWFUL COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE . Also: have you, noticed how They respond joyfully to good reviews but stay absolutely silence for poor reviews. Not very grown up.

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Dear Brian, We are sorry to hear your experience with 24|7 Home Rescue was not to your satisfaction. Please note that all complaints logged to 24|7 Home Rescue are dealt with in accordance with the terms and conditions given to you on initiation of your service agreement. Please provide us with details pertaining to your account by emailing us at [email protected] . Regards M.James

Brian Franks | | VERIFIED

Sorry I’ve been through the whole procedure and been treated awfully. Just out of hospital after transplant so I give up.
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