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Laurie's complaint against 247 Home Rescue



Boiler issue

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I contacted 247 home care 2 weeks ago regarding a leak on my boiler. I was told that because it was at the weekend and it was still working in needed to ring them on a weekday and book in for a boiler service and they would be able to sort it. I then went on to ring them on a weekday to be told something different. I was told that I needed to book a boiler service but I also needed to pay 75 pound for an engineer to come out. I advised that this wasn't the information I had from a previous call. The lady was quite rude and said if I didn't pay the 75 pound when I ring back it will be classed has a pretty existing condition and will be charged. Later on that night I received a call from a gas man to say he was coming on the Wednesday after the call. He turned up yesterday and he has put a warning sign on an said it was dangerous. I received a call off them today to say I've got to pay 357pound to have the boiler fixed because it was picked up from a service. Which isn't the case I reported it 2 weeks ago. Can anyone help me on where I go with this I have a small child and my daughter and myself have asthma and have been left this time of year with no heating water and have not got that money to get it fixed :,(

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