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david's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

david ursell


diabolical customer treatment

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

On the 13th of November 247 home rescue came out to my property to service my boiler. At that visit your engineer discovered a small crack in a rubber seal on the sight glass of the boiler. There and then he contacted the manufacturer to find out the specific part number that was needed to order a replacement. At the same time he also found out the part number for the two rubber bungs that he felt would also need to be replaced. Having checked online these parts would cost approximately £9 - https://www.dhsspares.co.uk/product/ferroli-39811330-sight-glass-c-w-seal-1210740 I was contacted later in the day to say that you would be able to come out and fix my boiler at a cost of £180.00. I expressed my dissatisfaction with this price and was then called back and offered a price of £60, which I accepted. About two hours later I was contacted again and offered a price of £143 to complete the works that I had already paid for. I was informed an engineer would come out on 20th November to fix my boiler as the parts had been ordered and received. This left me with no heating and no hot water for a week but I accepted the time. That engineer turned up and informed me he was there to see what parts were needed and not to fix the boiler as I had been told. I expressed displeasure at this and told him I understood he was there to fix my boiler. After several phone calls to 247 home rescue, including more than one where you put the phone down on me, and during which the engineer left my house without saying anything and drove away, I was able to arrange for another engineer to visit on 26th to fix my boiler. He didn’t show up. Another time was arranged for the 28th, he didn’t show up. Another time was arranged for the 30th, he didn’t show up. Having now cleared my work schedule for 4 complete days to allow for your engineers to come and fix my boiler it still hadn’t been done. I have had no heating and no hot water for 17 days at this point during which we have had overnight frosts and even snow. Finally through the good graces of one of your engineers who came out on a Sunday afternoon of his own accord I had my heating and hot water returned to me on the 2nd of December, 19 days after you disconnected it. The level of service I have received from you is of such a low quality that I feel unable to accurately explain just how dissatisfied I am. I have given you the 8 weeks your process requires in order to investigate this and when I phoned to find out what was happening I was told that I had failed to respond to this email. Having then reposneded to your email it has taken 6 months of chasing to be told you will do nothing.

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