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Marie's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Marie Morton


[RESOLVED] - did not supply correct information at commencement of cover

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Paid 1 year insurance payment on 6th Jan 2016 had a fault with washing machine on 13th Jan 2016 I informed them by phone and they said call back at end of 28 day cooling off period which would be 6th Feb 2016. I called them back on 6th Feb and they gave me a job number and said they would contact technician. Phoned 24/7 again on Monday 3pm and said they had requested a technician contact me. Heard nothing so Tuesday 3pm again contacted 24/7 told them still not heard anything. Have now been waiting in for a phone call for 3 working days. Called 24/7 again on Wed 10th Feb still nothing but they gave me technician's number and I made a total of 3 calls and he eventually called me on Thursday morning around 9am Feb 11th around 9am and said he did not do work for 24/7 , had heard of them but would come anyway and he would send them any invoice for callout and parts replaced. Meantime I contacted 24/7 again and they advised that this technician WAS on their books. That same evening I had a call from a woman who I think was a supervisor and she informed me that my claim was NULL AND VOID as I had advised 24/7 of the claim during the cooling off period (6th Jan - 6th Feb) although as mentioned above I was told to call back on 6th Feb and lodge the breakdown again and was given a JOB NUMBER. The supervisor also advised me that I would not be able to claim for this repair and I HAD TO PAY FOR IT TO BE REPAIRED MY SELF as it happened outside of the cooling off period (mentioned above) If this was so why was I issued with a job number in the 6th Feb and every time I phoned after that until the 12th Feb all was going well. It would appear that something is drastically wrong with their training of customer service staff and/or they are not setting out this particular way of doing things in their T & C. Something needs to be done immediately. I would mention that I sent an email on their website on the Thursday setting out everything similar to that I have stated above and requesting that they cancel my policy there and then less their expenses although they have done nothing except call me on one occasion. I would also mention that I paid the full years premium of £84 in card on Jan 6th. As of Sat 13th Feb have not had any form of acknowledgement.

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247 Home Rescue resolved this complaint

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24|7 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Hi Marie, Thank you for your comments and for bringing your concerns to our attention. I am sorry that you feel our service wasn't up to our usual standards. I can see that you took out the policy on the 6th January and tried to make a claim on your appliance on the 13th January. Our terms and conditions state that you may not make any claims under the service contract until after the first thirty days and so this claim was declined. This is all outlined in your terms and conditions.

Marie Morton | | VERIFIED

I received a cheque for the full amount within 7 days after the complaint was on your site and my personal telephone call with them. Many thanks Marie

Marie Morton | | VERIFIED

Paid refund in full
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