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David's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

David Maddock


[LAPSED] Disgraceful complaint system, rude staff and an overall disreputable company...dont use!

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Firstly, I would like to apologies to anyone who has taken out a contract with 247 Home Rescue since May 2018 as their customer service and complaints system has failed to deal with my complaint and i would never recommend this company to anyone. I raised a complaint to cancel my service on the 9th March 2018, which was within a 14 day cool down period and despite an 8 week SLA my complaint has not been dealt with and when I try to call the legal team are either not available or I get put though, wait and then get cut off. I have been unable to cancel my direct debit as I was politely threatened with bailiffs coming to my property! I have since raised a second complaint about their poo customer service and their complaint process, to which I have had zero engagement. This company may well provide a good service for happy path work but outside of that I can categorically tell you they do not deal with complaints or complex issues, you would be better off going to a more reputable company. I still expect my cancellation from 2018 to be honoured and all the money I have paid rebated, I intend to take them to court and will now be spending time I shouldn't have to spend doing this. Detail if anyone is interested, my original complaint... I called on 1st March to report my boiler had broken and also that I could not complete the eligibility questions as per the membership welcome steps (error attached ) I was explicitly advised on the call with one of your service team that I could not make a claim as I was still in a 14 day cool down period so therefore my only option was to use a ‘Pay on Use Service’ which is outside of the service agreement, it was explained this is in place as apparently some customers make a claim in the 14 day cool down period and then cancel the contract...which I fully understand. The engineer came out, assessed he wouldn't be bothered changing the part (4 hours work apparently) but would provide a workaround to the problem, I paid £95 for this as per the call out fee. If I want to take up the workaround option I can pay another £215 to have the work done but I don’t want the work done and we are instead going to replace the boiler, therefore now exercising my right to cancel. I was somewhat surprised to speak to one of your staff who advised I can’t cancel as I have used the contracted service and on escalation to xxxx, one of the management team, he advised I should have read the T’s and C’s and I have to pay £120 to cancel...even more if I cancel the direct debit they will send bailiffs to recoup the money! When I called on the 1st I was not advised of this in anyway, in fact at no time was I made aware of any applicable T’s and C’s that could have enabled me to make a judgement on using the Pay on use Service. If the call centre guy had any ounce of customer service and application of thought he may well have noted it is impossible for me to see the T’s and C’s as I couldn’t complete step 2 of the membership steps! I still can’t log in to review them retrospectively. I would like a copy of the call on the 1st March, please can you provide this for review? I am hoping you can resolve this and also refund the 1st payment. This was the email in full from Home Rescue: From: Sent: Thursday, March 1, 2018 4:17:35 PM To: Subject: Pay On Use Service Ref:WS0247120 Job ID:222571 Dear Customer, Further to our conversation, I confirm that in this instance your claim has been declined. In instances such as these we can offer a pay on use service. This repair is offered outside the terms of your service agreement. This repair involves the deployment of an engineer who will initially assess the work required. Followings costings received you can agree to any work that is necessary. It is important to note that parts and subsequent labour hours will be chargeable to you in full under this service. This facility is defined as a pay-on-use service under the terms of your agreement and once payment has been processed this is non-refundable, for further details refer to your terms and conditions which are available to view on our website or log into “My Account”. Please note, you can refuse and source your own repair should you feel appropriate by calling us immediately. So, again my apologies, I am going to try and contact them again to review my case and ensure my contract does not roll. Happy to take recommendations on next steps if anyone has any to recommend.

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Lapsed. David has not responded in 90 days

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Dear David Maddock, Your comments regarding the service you received by 24|7 Home Rescue is very important to us. We want customers to have a stress free experience with 24|7 Home Rescue. In this instance we would like to direct you to contact us at [email protected] so we can assist you further in this matter. Regards M.James
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