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Neil's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Neil Reynolds



Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I was disgusted with the service. So, the “Beast from the East” arrived with temperatures of -5, and the boiler promptly broke down. I’m not in my house, but my 82-year-old mother is - the main reason why I took out the 24/7 insurance in the first place - so she wouldn’t have any problems if the heating broke down. She’s undergoing treatment for cancer. She contacted me to tell me about the boiler not working, so I said, “Don’t worry, 24/7 will fix it!” How wrong I was. 24/7 called my infirm mother to ask questions about the boiler and when she said that the boiler would come on, 24/7 said, “Well it’s not an emergency so we won’t help”. They didn’t care that the boiler only stays on a couple of minutes before going off. So what constitutes an emergency? If an 82-year old cancer sufferer in a non-heated house when the outside temperature is -5 is not an emergency, how much further can 24/7 push it? If she froze to death is that an emergency? I’ve never been so disgusted by the attitude of a company in my life. I called up to complain. “Can I speak to a manager”, I asked? “No” was the reply. “Can you help my mother?” “No”. “Can you transfer me to cancellation of my policy?” “No, you’ll have to redial.” Don’t even contemplate going with this company. They just want your money and don’t help when the chips are down.

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