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Manilal's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Manilal Shah


Central Heating Cover

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I joined them 4th January 2016. I had Boiler breakdown during October 2016. At First they asked for Proof of age of Boiler and untill then they will not send Engineer.I provided Proof of Boiler. They send Engineer and he phoned me that there was no Presseor due to leakage which he did not know and could not give estate. Company told me they cannot accept this claim as water leakage was Not Covered. Due to cold weather I had to send Private Central heating Engineer in Emergency. He said that there was no leakage after checking all pipes, removing Carpets in Pessage/Lounge etc. He checked the Boiler and found one of the part was Faulty. We went together to buy the part. I went to the Property with Managing Agent and checked everything and also asked Tenant if there was any leak and was told there was no leakage.I requested for Copy of 247 Engineer which I have not received.Last week after quite many reminders and Phone calls since January 2017 they told me this was not covered under their Terms and condition. I checked their Terms and Condition "Section (P) Routine Pressor arising from the inappropriate care, Non Maintainance or neglect of the Boiler and Central Heating System as per Manufacturer's user instruction and safety Guidance" Today they told me they have closed their Files and as per their Terms and condition this claim is not allowed. I told them that prior to joining them i.e. 4th January 2016 my Boiler and Central Heating System was covered by Home serve from April 2013 to 3rd Jan 2016. and never had any problem on Pressor on Central Heating. This was fully maintained by Hoverserve from April 2013 to 3rd Jan 2016 and thereafter it was maintained by 24/7. I have not breached any of their Terms and condition and they are not prepared to discuss any further.I have to lodge the Claim with Small Claim Court. I will never request anyone to use this Company. Manilal Shah

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