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Elaine's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Elaine Bovill


Flood: needing my home rescued from water

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I am a new customer of Home Rescue 24/7 ... Decided to move my maintenance plan to them and stated when looking for competitive quote ... I would like the same package and if they could give me that more than happy to leave Homesense.. Sure thing girl got me discount I pay £38 month to supposedly cover drains pipes, electrics appliances , central heating. Unfortunately on the 8th March my sink as I though, became blocked and water gurgling began to overflow in kitchen ...immediately, went underneath to switch off stop valve as my electrical appliances are there too and red stop valve broke off and gallons of water started to go everywhere ... my electrical appliances were on dishwasher and washing machine ... was really concerned water going into electricity. This is when 24/7 rescue I realised was not the company 24/7 . .. As I live alone after my husband died... I went to my neighbour to see if he could help in meantime water damage flow happening rapidly .six towels wrapped around but didn't stop. . I decided no other alternative to call the fire brigade or my whole house would have been flooded . Fire brigade called within 5 minutes, and praised me for quick thinking to call them as could have been more serious with electrics.. they managed to get water off till I called for repair team as was not sure blocked drain, washing machine or dishwasher. Here is when I found out the appalling service from 24/7 home rescue The advisor firstly answered the call with a Goooooood Morning , tone very happy and unprofessional as you can imagine no empathy to deal with and diffuse stressed out customer who's home was nearly flooded. I the customer was very tearful..no empathy..whatsoever first I've never dealt with that hold on a sec came back 10 min later and assertively tone with no empathy given over situation . I asked could he send an engineer to repair what ever the cause - his words no point as he would just do what fire brigade will do ... he asked me what happened I explained in short detail, he said yes that was your fault you broke the red stop valve --- It must have been corroded of rusty ... I said it was not as pipes where only done 3 years ago he proceeded to tell me well must have been the installation ... when I asked was he a plumber? He said no I stated I'm not one either that's why I need a professional to do proper fault finding and what could I have done to prevent flood he said put caustic soda down my drains ... I said don't know where the block is though and I need a engineer to establish that ... his words well not as you caused the fault .. by switching it off... you will not be covered and terms and conditions said ......at this moment he had not said he was doing a diagnostic test on my reply ... their process is failing customers and did not state he was doing diagnostic ... absolutely trying to blame myself yet I had limited the damage to my home...I ran off after asking for senior or regulator or chairman as I said he should know process failing customers.. no empathy !!!! Fire brigade came next day and when I told them they said it's not the sink and the company totally wrong , advised me to get back in touch as my electrics where under there and red stop valve came off with the surge of powerful water that pushe it off as water very powerful... Got and paid for my own plumber he found the fault was not the sink or washing machine or dishwasher and I done the right thing as it was the big pipe drain that supply's and drains all three.. sink was not blocked ... he again advised me the companies diagnostic wrong and said if not a plumber or a drainage eng how dangerous... always turn water off as that's electricity also... Manager called and reiterated what advisor diagnostic and proceeded to tell me the terms and conditions said... she said company has no regulator and can't email the chairman ... appalling - I feel I have been mislead ... I wrote a complaint to complaint team said it could take up to eight weeks to investigate ... I thought great they will send someone out ... oh no called back in less than three hours and said advisor followed the process... So mr chairman of 24/7 home rescue ... you are not rescuing my home from damage , certainly not available 24/7 when in a. All queue ... fireman said my home could have been flooded if I had nog found the stop valve ... which was nog corroded,rusty or a problem with installation ... will now cancel and customers beware ... when you need Homerescue their training and script is to try and blame the customer ... never had repair cover like it... be very careful...I saved my home from flooding and received praise from other professionals inc my building insurance, fire brigade and plumber yet 24/7 instructions was to leave and don't switch of water supply ... how is that home rescue... BEWARE of this company ... hope to hear from the owner... process failing customer and will be going to trading standards now , left with no alternative!!!

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