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Ronnie 's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Ronnie Agbeyo


Forewarned is Forarmed!!!!!!

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I already wrote this review on trustpilot but I'm doing it again because this company need to be investigated by trading standards!!!! We took out cover in September thinking we were saving money after British gas home care cover kept increasing their price yr on yr. Very easy setting up. We didn't have any worries as British gas had serviced our boiler just before we cancelled the policy. But sod's law 1 month into the cover, our hot water started going hot and cold. Please see copy of complaint below and the nonsensical reply we got from their complaints department. There was no human element to the reply what so ever. This bearing in mind the weather had turned cold and we were washing dishes with cold water but even worse BOILING WATER TO BATHE for 2 weeks!!!!! I even informed them that we have a child with disability. Reply to my complaint looks like it was done by a robot. See how there is No name at the bottom of the reply so no one can be held accountable. Well, miraculously our "deemed econominally beyond repair" boiler has started heating up the water again with no repairs done and we've stuck back the timer clock that 24/7 engineer said was faulty and all is working perfectly well again. And of course, they will not refund my £75 even though their engineers visit turned out to be a waste of time. I called the cancellation line, held on for 21mins and when the line connected, I found myself talking to another customer who said they'd been holding on for 30mins!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Such crooks!!!!!! Such incompetence beggars belief in this day and age!!!!! I've cancelled my direct debit and contacted my bank seeing other unfortunate customers' like myself warning 24/7 home rescue often reinstate direct debits. Maybe the person or persons replying to the reviews could spend the time helping with the customer services or claims line as they seem to be very quick to do this. Please feel free to reply to this review but I will not be reading your response. HOPE NEVER TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH 24/7 HOME RESCUE EVER AGAIN PLEASE GOD PLEASE. My complaint: Dear Sir or madam, Re:WS0182654 I just want to start by saying I am currently frustrated to the "max" by the services we have received so far from your company. I have the British home care standards to compare yours too and yours is falling way short off the mark. We have been having issue with our hot water going hot and cold nearly for 2 weeks now. The initial week, we had 2 separate Thames water engineers come in and they said the problem is to do with our boiler thermostat rather than the works they've been carrying out in our area. So I called your company 26/10/17 and the saga started. 1. I had to be in front of the boiler to provide some information before my claim could be passed on to the appointment booking department. To be fair, I was called back as promised when I got home that evening but there was no additional information that transpired from being in front of the boiler. 2. The appointment booking person called and earliest appointment was Monday 30/10/17. She was unable to narrow down the time the engineer will visit am or pm so expectation was for us to sit at home all day waiting. When I pressed her, she advised me to ring 01254460053 on the Monday because the engineer will know his/her route by then. I didn't trust the information she gave me so the following day I rang the number only to be told I needed to ring the claims line!!! 3. I have not been able to get through on your claims line 03450774177 any earlier than 15 minutes!!!!! 4. Engineer came and took timer clock out saying this was the cause of the problem. It turns out this was wholly wrong diagnosis as WE ARE STILL HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! I called and spoke with the engineer who brought up another possibility being "THE DIVERTOR VALVE" and that as well as ordering a new timer he will get back to the company to arrange an URGENT visit. I confirmed with him that he had information that 2 separate Thames water engineers already said it was the thermostat. 5. 2 days after the visit, no contact from your company whatsoever!!!! Out boiler timer clock was removed by your engineer so the central heating is permanently on and we are regulating it at the dial!!!!!! This is costing us money but more importantly, we are having to BOIL WATER TO BATHE!!!! We have young children and 1 child with disability!!!!! 6. I've called the claims number again today for up date only to be told our case is with the "authorisation department" and i have to wait for them to call me and surprise surprise, no idea when this might be and no direct number to them!!!!! This really has been a nightmare and if this is an indication of how your company runs, then certainly doesn't bode well. May I please be given some accurate information on what to expect and from whom. We just want hot water to bathe and do washing surely this is not too much to ask. Also where do we stand if we were to cancel our policies including that for the rental flat? WS0182659 WS0182657 WS0182654 WS0182650 I eagerly await your response. Kind regards Their reply 😤😤😤😤😬😬😬 Thankyou for your e mail. I appreciate the time you have spent writing to the company setting out your complaint. The matter has been referred to me in the customer retention department to investigate the matters that you have raised. I confirm I have reviewed matters and in doing so I have read the notes on the system and spoken to persons with direct involvement with your matters. I set out below the result of my findings:- The crux of your complaint relates to the boiler being deemed beyond economic repair. I confirm I have investigated this issue. It would seem following the attendance of the engineer costings were sent to the technical team. An assessment was undertaken which included factors such as cost of repair, cost of labour and age and value of boiler. Following this assessment your boiler was deemed beyond economic repair. In such circumstances your claim cannot be progressed any further. I understand that you were sent a detailed e mail setting out the costings relevant in your case. In instances such as these we can offer a manufacturer repair. This repair is offered outside the terms of your service agreement as following the assessment of your boiler being beyond economic repair your claim was declined. This repair involves the manufacturer being instructed to effect the repair which has the advantage of specialist expertise and accessibility to specialist parts at a cheaper rate which are heavily discounted as they are sourced direct from the factory. The engineer independently evaluates the position and effects any necessary repair this may or may not involve the use of additional parts, but whilst on site they will provide an effective repair. Prior to leaving the engineer will thoroughly test the boiler and provide a minimum of 14 days warranty on the repair and as such that if there is a subsequent failure within this time, they will revisit and repair without further costs. This facility is defined as a pay-on-use service and once payment has been processed this is non-refundable unless the manufacturer deems the boiler beyond economical repair or you cancel the appointment 24hrs prior to the manufacturers engineer attending It is important to note this out of service was offered on a completely no obligation basis. Having reviewed the circumstances of your case it is my view the correct procedures were followed and the technical departments assessment that your boiler was deemed beyond economic repair was appropriate. Therefore I feel it is justified to close your complaint. I trust the above resolves the issue. Kindest Regards 24|7 Complaints Dept

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