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Severine's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Severine Crossman


[RESPONDED] Fraudsters company

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

People, do not go there! It’s a total con. They have ripped me off again and again over the past 2 years. They make u pay the monthly fee and when u have a problem, u can be CERTAIN u won’t be covered one way or another due to their billions of T&C (not ever sent to customers, even if they say they have), under which label they will find a reason why u are not covered under ur specific contract. They will make u pay for parts and engineer call out on top of ur montly payment and will tell u “if u don’t pay for part upfront, we won’t send an engineer. So when u have water up to ur ankle, u pay. I still haven’t swallowed that. And the only reason they even came is because I have a plumber friend who had it out with them on the phone, asked to speak to someone who knows anything about boilers and plumbing instead of a pen pusher. Because he knew all the jargon, he was listened to and they then couldn’t refuse. And that when they said “we’ll send someone if u pay for it”. Now something else has broken down: my shower tap. Which wouldn’t not shut cause it literally stayed in my hand. Apparently, no one is covered for showers defects. I already checked with the Ombudsman but they cannot do anything because the company is not regulated at all! And having now read reviews on this particular company, I realise that they are fraudsters who’s téléphone agence are trained to find ways of saying “the computer said no”. Absolutely scandalous!! . A fraudulent company run by top con artists who must be racking it in with our money and never ever give back!! And if I cancel, i will have to pay for the rest of they year before they let me go without even being covered!! WTH??? Anyway... don’t go there ok? U might as well save up for emergencies because u will end up shelling out just as much or even less!!!!

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247 Home Rescue | | VERIFIED

Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear how you feel about 24/7 and the services provided. Unfortunately, your policy reference isn't present in your review. We would like to invite you to contact us at [email protected] with all relevant details including your policy reference and (JG) in the subject box. Following this, I will personally investigate this for you. James 24/7

S November | | VERIFIED

Instant Refund, easy and stress-free. you can recover all your payments using the Direct debt scheme go to your bank with the list of payments and ask them to return all money. They will then instantly return all your payments the reason, miss-selling, breach of contract, crooks
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