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Tom's complaint against 247 Home Rescue

Tom Stephen


If I could give minus stars I would have!

Complaint against 247 Home Rescue

I joined up to the £16.99 package and have the insurance in place about 6 months before I needed to call them out. Was charged £75 call out fee as the boiler was over 10 years old (11 yrs old) had to book a day off work as the call out is an all day one 8am - 6pm. When the man turned up he advised it was a thermostat control in the boiler and the part needed to be ordered. A few days later and another all day call out so another day off work, the engineer arrived at 5.50pm!!!! the part was replaced. Later on in the evening I put the heating on and it had exactly the same problem as before so I obviously wasn't the thermostat control. The following morning I called up to report the fault again and explain the situation and couldn't believe it when they stated they wanted another £75 due to the age of the boiler!!! I asked to speak to the supervisor and after a lengthy conversation they agreed not to charge me the £75. So, another day booked off work yesterday to wait in for another all day call. The engineer stated it was the pump and it needed replacing. He advised he would put in a report and someone would call me. He showed me that on the pump either side were isolation valves so he said these will hopefully work and a system drain down wouldn't be required. Today I received a call saying that they have received the report and that I need to pay £220 as I require a drain down. I explained that the engineer was confident that I didn't need a drain down so could I wait and see if it was required once the engineer came out to do the job. They said if I don't pay then the job wouldn't be authorised. I am absolutely fuming, this company just want as much money as they can get off their customers. There is no customer service, all they care about is charging a customer for everything they can! I am now waiting to find out when the engineer will be coming to fit the pump so I can book another day off work. I will be leaving this company as soon as my repair is done. I only wish I had seen these reveiws before I joined up with them.

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